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In today's ecommerce industry, it's easy to lose sight of the value of true partnership - of trust, commitment and of actively supporting others. At Shopaccino, we believe that opportunities increase when you help others win. That's why we actively work alongside and empower web developers, web designers, freelancers, bloggers, businessman's etc to accelerate software sales. When you become Shopaccino partner you immediately benefit from enhanced margin opportunities, ecommerce industry’s most complete and reliable product portfolio, and standard training with support.

Shopaccino Partner

Benefits to Partner

Channel Integrity

Channel Integrity

We'll never compete with you. We are committed to driving business through carefully selected partners.

Channel Integrity

Innovation leadership

We offer innovation in our product and technology, enhance the business enablement and provide services & operational excellence

Channel Integrity

A true network of opportunities

You have access to the eCommerce industry's players, latest trends, consultants and more.

Channel Integrity

Open engagement. Grow business

Our partnership programs are designed to foster mutual success and reward our partners’ investment in the sale of Shopaccino product.

Channel Integrity

Global recognition for excellence

When you partner with us, you're connected to many with a strong reputation for innovation, excellence with commitment to the partnership philosophy.

Partner Price Plan

Our Affiliate, Agency and Channel Partners plan have proven ability to integrate Shopaccino product according to end customer expectation and are actively growing mutual business. At Shopaccino, we value partner commitment with extended and exclusive benefits.

    • Initial investment
      x A small amount of initial investment which establish your ownership for your account and marketing material for your IT business.
    • Revenue Share (1st Year)
      x We offer our partner a competitive revenue share structure. The more subscribers generated by your business, the more you get paid.
    • Revenue Share (from 2nd Year onwards)
      x We share lifetime revenue with our partners.
    • Payout
      x Our payout system is well defined and automated you will get paid within defined number of days from the date of due.
    • Policy for withdrawal
      x For affiliate partner, you are allowed to withdraw revenue share after having two minimum paid subscribers in your account. Agency partner can withdraw amount instantly.
      • $0 Initial investment
      • 20% Revenue Share
      • 10% Revenue Share
      • 30 Days Payout
      • Minimum 2 active clients Policy for withdrawal

How much can I make?

Sign-ups plan

Sign-ups referred per month

No of years Minimum 1 year is required

Per Month

Total Revenue


  • What is the Shopaccino Partner program?

    The Shopaccino Partner program allows developers, freelancers, bloggers, businessman’s etc to earn money by selling Shopaccino Ecommerce subscription plans.

  • How do I join?

    It's easy! Fill online application form. Once you complete the form, you will receive an email confirming that your application was received. Our team will process your application and notify you if approved.

  • How do I cancel my partner account after signing up?

    You need to contact your partner manager or you can send an email at partnersupport@shopaccino.com

  • Can I earn revenue on my own store?

    No. Earning from partner program on a store owned by you in whole or in part is fraud and it will result into your termination from the partner program.

  • How will I get paid?

    Amount to Partner accounts will be accumulated and paid as per following:

    • For Indian partners, all payment will deliver through NEFT process in INR
    • For International partners, all payment will deliver through Paypal.

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