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Create BOGO deals to get new customers to buy your products, increase your sales, and quickly clear your stock.

Set up a BOGO offer to help businesses to increase their sales and to sell slow-moving inventory. You can set up different campaigns to target different customers to cross-sell products with BOGO Buy X Get Y. 

Create BOGO deals, if you want to sell in bulk, then the Buy X Get Y Free promotion is a suitable approach. Enable BOGO offers if you want to promote particular items, and clear stocks quickly.

Key Highlights

  • Buy X quantity Get X quantity: You can allow your customer to buy a quantity and get a free quantity in return. For instance, Buy 2 Get 2 free.
  • Buy quantity Get percentage discount: Allow your customer to buy quantity and get a percentage discount. For instance, Buy 2 Get 20% off, Buy 3 Get 30% off.
  • Buy order value Get percentage discount: Allow your customer to buy a product of some order value and get a percentage discount in return. For instance, Shop for Rs.5000 Get 20% off, Shop for Rs. 10,000 Get 30% off.
  • Offer free gifts on purchase of order value. For instance, Shop for Rs. 2000 and Get 1kg sugar-free. 

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