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Create Custom Menu as per the requirement of your business to give your website the right kind of look and functionality.

Custom Menu application is a solution for the corporate and E-commerce business world to provide them the facility to customize their menu as per their requirements. Businesses can easily customize their menu by adding categories, blogs, external links, products, link pages, etc in between the menu elements as per their business needs.

Creating a Custom Menu helps you to optimize your website as per your brand strategy so that you can provide the right kind of services to your customers. Enable custom menu for engaging your brand in minutes without getting yourself stuck in the scripts of coding. 

Key Highlights

  • Customize and Display your custom menu according to your brand strategy. 
  • Add Custom menu option: Quickly add categories, blogs, external links, pages, and products in between the menu elements as per your requirements. 
  • Provide an engaging experience to your customers by optimizing their site experience.

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