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Retarget and Remarketize your product and service. Understand the action of visitors on your website.

The Facebook pixel allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertisement by understanding the actions that people take on your website. Setting up a Facebook pixel overall helps E-commerce businesses in remarketing products and getting effective customer engagement.

Get the best of both worlds with two distinct categories that Facebook Pixel provides. The first is the Browser side pixel which works on the front end and checks out the customer movement on the browser itself. While the second one - Server side pixel (Facebook Conversion API)  works on the backend part which gives detailed information about when and how frequently the customer makes the purchase, 

Set up and install Facebook pixel to know the frequency of complete orders placed, check out, and how many times they visit certain website URLs, etc. 

Key Highlights

  • Support measurement of Web and App events for IOS 14 users.
  • Set up Facebook pixel to track all events as the frequency of hitting Add to cart button, order confirmation, initiating the checkout process, user registration, viewing content, and total purchase.
  • Once multiple events are received with the same event name and ID, Shopaccino employs a number of strategies to deduplicate between the events to maximize value for the advertiser.
  • Our pixel conversion API integration will track all events.

Note: Facebook Pixel is also supported on our Shopaccino Mobile Application.

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