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Seamlessly integrate Gallabox with your E-commerce website and Whatsapp; Send WhatsApp notifications to customers for purposeful interactions for conversion

Gallabox integrated Ecommerce software sends regular updates of discounts, order-related information, and other engaging brand information through WhatsApp notifications to your customers. It helps you maintain a continuous conversation with your potential buyers and increase customer engagement for your brand. Recover abandoned carts by providing personalized offers to customers through WhatsApp and increase your sales. 

Keep constant touch with your customers by regularly sending them welcome and away notifications. Send them order status, payment details, and shipping updates to provide them with a memorable and hassle-free experience with your brand. 

Key Highlights 

  • Send personalized notifications to your customers over WhatsApp. 
  • Keep your customers updated by sharing crucial details like order status, payment details, and shipping and tracking links. 
  • Motivate buying behavior by sending them attractive discounts and offers timely.  

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