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Manage in-store, Online Inventory and Price. Auto-sync warehouse-wise inventory and pricing. Provides Codeless Integration.

Gofrugal integrated eCommerce platform allows customers to manage in-store and online inventory and prices. Customers can integrate their store using Gofrugal API and auto-sync warehouse-wise inventory and pricing on both platforms to run their business with ease and accuracy. So, it is important to note that the customer has to update the orders directly only on Gofrugal System for syncing inventory. 

Key Highlights

  • This app allows you to pull inventory, and prices from Gofrugal software to your website.
  • Gofrugal-enabled ecommerce platform automatically pushes orders from your website to Gofrugal software so that you can fulfill your order from the Gofrugal system.
  • Gofrugal-enabled ecommerce software auto-syncs inventory, and prices from multiple warehouses.
  • Sell the same products and inventory through offline and online sales channels.
  • Maintain consolidated stock and pricing.

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