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Get insights about your website and app's performance over the internet to make well-informed decisions.

Integrate the power of Google Analytics directly with your e-commerce website to get access to overall insights on different marketing activities you adopt. Setting up Ecommerce Google Analytics gives you enhanced e-commerce tracking to have a fair idea about buyer’s behavior on your website and app. Understand how users react to your products, which product is viewed most frequently, and if there is any need to rectify the placement of promotions. 

Measures your advertising ROI in real-time with proper integration of google analytics with your site. Create effective marketing strategies that are result-driven and customer-centric and help you boost your sales and profitability.  

Key Highlights

  • Google Analytics 4 ecommerce setup observes user engagement actions and metrics like campaign views and clicks, product views and clicks, purchase activity, checkout initiated, and much more. 
  • Track sales and revenue from multiple channels to identify the channels that are bringing maximum outputs. 
  • Get website data analysis in real-time and create effective marketing strategies.
  • Monitor KPIs like revenue, average order value, and the number of sales to keep a record of your revenue generation. 
  • Ga4 Ecommerce setup increases your sales and conversion funnel success by getting access to detailed analytics reports on consumer activities. 

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