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An automated E-Commerce Email and SMS marketing application that helps in maximizing sales by keeping a track of the entire customer journey on your website.

Klaviyo integrated with Shopaccino wields Email and SMS marketing in the most effective way to grow lists, recover carts and earn more revenue per customer. It also provides pre-built automation, real-time audience segmentation, and customizable campaign templates. 

Develop long-term customer relationships and increase lifetime value (LTV) with Klaviyo’s pre-built behavior-triggered automation that includes: Welcome series, Back-in-stock,  price-drop, Order and shipping updates, recently viewed products, items ordered, bestsellers, abandoned carts, newest products, most viewed products, etc. 

Key Highlights

  • Advanced personalization for maximizing repeat sales and order values by  VIP-exclusive product announcements, Discount emails for bargain shoppers, Newsletters based on the product line, Store opening invites based on location, and Product suggestions based on quizzes.
  • Klaviyo integrated Ecommerce platform retains your customer by sending updates/reminders of welcome series, abandoned carts, back in-stock, browser abandonment, post-purchase, order, and shipping updates. 
  • Send dynamic email content based on your customers’ browsing activity like recently viewed products, items ordered bestsellers, abandoned carts, newest products, and most viewed products.
  • Create, target, and send or schedule  SMS in minutes. Personalize your messages based on customer profile data, including emojis, images, and discount codes.

Klaviyo integrated Ecommerce software provides SMS services only in:  the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

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