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Create your own, exclusive loyalty and reward program for your customers to keep them engaged with your brand.

Shopaccino Loyalty and Rewards App power customer sign-up, loyalty, and membership programs that help you keep your customers bonded to your brand. Ecommerce Reward Program is designed to encourage repeated purchase behavior in your customers to boost your sales and high returns. Stand out from the competition and increase customer loyalty with our custom reward program for e-commerce businesses. 

Set up your own rules and reward structure for meaningful actions that your customers take, for example - signup, first order, mobile application download, product reviews, etc. E-commerce loyalty programs offer a flexible reward structure to cater to your unique business requirements and encourage your customers to purchase from your brand repetitively. 

Key Highlights

  • Auto-sync with the web and your mobile application to provide a seamless experience.
  • Use our API to sync reward points with your offline sales and customers can earn/redeem their points both online or offline.
  • Ecommerce Reward System encourages your customers to purchase more with attractive rewards and points for their meaningful actions.
  • Send your customers personalized notifications to remind them to shop again and avail of more points.

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