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E-mail Marketing Service provider platform that help you create automated e-mail content to win newer and repeat customers.

Make your E-mails a source of revenue and win new customers through the right e-mail marketing and automation. Send the right message at the right time based on customer behavior to convert more sales. Deliver personalized emails based on their buying behavior, survey responses, chat interactions, and support tickets to promote loyalty and growth. 

Create a strategic and triggering e-mail campaign to recover abandoned carts, re-engage existing customers, and attract more potential buyers to your site. Mailchimp integrated Ecommerce software gets data-driven suggestions for improving your copy, imagery, and layout so that you remain competitive in your industry.

Key Highlights 

  • Create Sign-Up forms to collect Customer Information to start your email marketing. 
  • Choose from various templates so that you can communicate as per your brand language. 
  • Get AI-assisted suggestions to help make your content more engaging.
  • Get access to predictive segmentation to boost your customer loyalty by predicting the right ones to target. 
  • Mailchimp integrated Ecommerce platform uses intelligent predictions to tighten your targeting strategy, strengthen customer relationships, and drive repeat sales.

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