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A customer database platform that gives customer-centric brands the power to fetch detailed behavioral insights of customer's full journey on your website.

Metrilo helps businesses to observe the shopping habits of their customers, monitor their journey, and know detailed information about Idle high spenders, most frequent buyers, cart abandoners, and holiday shoppers. 

Metrilo integrated E-commerce platform allows businesses to filter their customer database by getting details and clarity of customer information such as actions taken in each session, product interactions, initiate checkouts, order history, lifetime spend, contact details, and much more. This overall helps businesses to get relevant segments for retargeting and tailor their Email marketing for better results.

Key Highlights

  • Monitor the customer journey: Metrilo-integrated E-commerce software track your entire customer journey observes shopping habits, and product interaction, and analyzes actions taken in each session.
  • Get in-depth insights of customer behavior: Get clarity of detailed customer information. 
  • Get relevant segments for retargeting and optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Advanced analysis of customer action: 
  • Utilize detailed analysis to send customer engagement emails to enhance customer retention.

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