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Create customized discount coupons to deliver an outstanding customer experience and encourage repeat sales.

Creating Personalized Coupon Codes encourages customers to buy more by providing them with unique discount coupons. E-commerce businesses can customize personalized coupon codes by choosing the dates for which the code is valid, the number of times a code can be used, and the minimum order amount before the code can be applied. 

Key Highlights

  • Auto-Generate coupons with individual expiration dates: Auto-generate coupon codes with particular expiration dates.
  • Coupons for New User Registration: Offer personalized coupon codes for newly registered customers as a welcome discount to attract them to make purchases.  
  • Newsletter Subscription-based Coupon Codes: Design exclusive coupons for those customers who subscribe to the newsletter of your website.
  • Review Submission on Products: Create discount coupons for those customers who place a review for the order.

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