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Create a beautiful display section of photo and video galleries to display different brand activities on your website to engage customers with your brand.

Adding Photo and Video Gallery to ecommerce store helps you provide an engaging experience to your customers by helping you display your business-related images and videos on your website. Increase customer-stay time on your site by showcasing them your day-to-day activities, special events pictures or videos, and much more. 

It helps e-commerce businesses to establish a strong trust in the eyes of customers and also gives your social proof. Add video gallery to ecommerce store and enhance your social engagement by actively displaying your gallery on your website. 

Key Highlights

  • Embed video gallery to your store and add a slider layout to allow site visitors to explore different images and videos. 
  • Write small captions or titles for different images and videos. 
  • Add Photo Gallery to ecommerce store: Choose from different layouts to display your photo and video gallery effectively.
  • Add links in the captions or titles to redirect customers to a different detailed page that tells the entire description or story related to that particular image or video. 

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