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Enhance your brand reputation and customer trust by displaying all your press coverage on your website.

Press Release Section on Website helps you to display your press coverage on your website to improve your brand reputation in the eyes of site visitors. It also helps you build strong trust among your customers by displaying your presence, achievements, and other social activities through press coverage. 

Create News Coverage for your store and quickly choose from different templates to showcase your press coverage stories without getting into the details of coding. Add Press Release Page and Redirect your customers to the original press release page through your website to provide customers with a seamless experience. 

Key Highlights 

  • Create Press Mentions Page: Choose from different templates to display your press coverages beautifully. 
  • Enable News Coverage for your store and add a link to the press coverage headlines to redirect customers to a different page where they can read the whole story. 
  • Indulge in a successful public relation initiative. 
  • Display Press Mentions at your store and establish a strong Brand reputation and enhance customer trust. 

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