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Bulk SMS service provider in India that allows businesses to send personalized SMS notifications to their customers and boosts sales.

Priority SMS is exclusively available only in India, which allows you to send transactional-based notifications related to new customer registration, an order placed, its delivery, tracking, refund, and also about abandoned carts, which enhances better sales.

Integrating with Priority SMS helps you retain your customer by sending updates/reminders of welcome series, back-in-stock, browser abandonment, post-purchase, order, and shipping updates. 

Key Highlights

  • Send Order-related SMS to the customer about an order placed, tracking updates, order out for delivery, order delivered, or a refund notification.
  • Send Abandoned Checkout Recovery SMS: Remind customers to complete the order.
  • Review Request Notification: send Review Request Notifications to your customers and ask them to write reviews for your company.

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