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Add projects page to your store. Categorize your projects as per completed, ongoing, and upcoming. Display relative images of the project as per categories.

Create projects page for your store by building up strong customer trust by uploading your projects on your website. It will help you to showcase your portfolio and expertise to site visitors so that they can get an insight into your work. 

Build different categories of your projects to allow your customers to know about different projects that you have already completed. Add respective pictures of the projects in those categories to demonstrate practical proof of your work on your website. 

Key Highlights 

  • Enable Projects to your product and categorize your projects as per completed, ongoing, and upcoming. 
  • Display projects page and add relative project images to those categories. 
  • Add an engaging portfolio directly on your website to enhance your trust in customers and build a strong brand reputation. 
  • Add projects page to your product and increase your order frequency based on your work display. 

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