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Expand your customer base with a powerful customized, Ecommerce referral program that encourages your existing customers to refer your brand to other people.

Referral Partner Program attracts more customers to your website with a customized referral program powered by Shopaccino. Customer Referral programs help you market your brand directly through your consumers and invite potential buyers to your site. Provide your customers with a seamless experience through real-time tracking and monitoring of their referral earnings with an integrated mobile application. 

Set up rules to provide referral commissions to your existing customers as per the meaningful actions taken by their references such as a first purchase. Incentivize your referral customers as per your brand rules with a flexible referral commission structure that can be tailored to your specific business requirements.  

Key Highlights

  • Create Referral Earning Rules and Policy  
  • Integrated with Web and Mobile App
  • Ecommerce Referral Software automates referral codes and link generation for your customers.
  • Referral Marketing Program allows customers to withdraw their referral commission at their convenience. 

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