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Sell Fabric Online in meters and in decimals. Set customized rates of fabric per meter. An easy and handy way to sell your product by meter to your customers.

E-commerce businesses can easily sell their fabrics online as per the required quantity in meters. It effortlessly updates the pricing of the product as per the selected quantity by your customers. The application helps you to solve the specific requirements of the customers and provides 

Sell your products by meter and also in decimals to make orders more personalized and customized as per the needs of your customers. 

Key Highlights

  • Sell Fabric in Meter Feature: Set the price of fabric on the basis of per meter. 
  • Auto-changes the rate of the fabric according to the customer’s selected quantity, based on your set rate of fabric per meter. 
  • Enhance your customer experience by providing them sell fabric in meter option for their business. 

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