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Add multiple products and showcase all featured items on a single page. Allow your customer to make purchases from Shop The Look with a single tap.

Shop The Look App ( Buy the Look) helps you display different complementing products bundled together in an attractive manner to entice customers to either purchase selected or entire products from the look. You can redirect your customers to the original product page by simply tapping on a particular product in the bundle.  

It helps you increase your sales as it helps customers easily make identify which other products will go well with their primary product. Through upselling and cross-selling, e-commerce businesses can improve their customer experience and encourage them to purchase more.

Key Highlights

  • Make a bundle of products to create a complete look for enticing customers to purchase it.   
  • Redirect customers to the original product page through a single click to allow them to shop for it. 
  • Sell more products by displaying different complementing products together so that customers can either choose particular products or entire look from the same. 

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