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Increase brand trust in your customers by showcasing what your current customers are saying about your brand on your website.

Testimonials App allows E-commerce businesses to display their client testimonials on their web to enhance and build a strong trust in site visitors. Add testimonials to the store and let other people know about the brand review and experiences of existing clients to encourage potential buyers to purchase from your website.  

Enable Testimonials to your store and choose from different layouts to decide how you want your testimonials section to look. Set up the layout on your website with a single click without getting yourself into coding. Add reviews with the customer’s picture, brand logo, their designation, along with the review note to increase trust, reputation, and social proof.  

Key Highlights

  • Add testimonials to your store and quickly Set up a section of Testimonials on your website within minutes. 
  • Choose from a wide variety of templates like sliders, grids, or carrousels to display your testimonials effectively. 
  • Create trust and assure your customers recognize your business by displaying testimonials to your store. 
  • Create testimonial submission form through our advanced form builder to directly get customer reviews on your website.
  • Embed Video Testimonials to your store

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