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Web POS is the UI interface of the device, a software that is used to process billing and transactions, likely from retail stores.

Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans with web-based POS software that supports business staff in creating meaningful customer relationships. Perform maximum activities without using a mouse and keyboard. 

Web POS E-commerce Integration helps executives to bill the products quickly and easily without tabbing on the touch screen. Simply scan products via a barcode reader and complete billing in one go. Get a detailed per-day sales report of tellers to keep a record of daily revenue.  

Key Highlights 

  • Best Web POS E-commerce integrations: Completely sync inventory for the omnichannel system i.e online and offline stores
  • Our Web POS e-commerce software works in a real-time system.
  • Get an accurate report of sales generated by tellers. 
  • Continue to scan multiple products without tabbing on the touch screen. 

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