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Send notifications directly to users' devices, High-engagement communication channel that encourages users to return to a website they have previously visited

Web push notifications for Ecommerce are high-engagement communication channels that require no personal information of users like Email or phone numbers to engage them. 

Simply, Web-push notifications are clickable messages or links that are sent on a subscriber's browser. It delivers the power of real-time push notifications to all subscribed users. It sounds useful for small and medium-sized companies who spend little on owning mobile apps but still want to engage users in their business. Thus, web push notifications help them reach more people than mobile apps. 

Key Highlights

  • These notifications will arrive in real-time even if the browser is not open at that point in time.
  • Instantly turn your users into your subscribers with the native opt-in.
  • To use Web Push Notification, you don't need to opt Mobile Application for your business. It works on websites instead of apps and can be accessed on all devices (mobile, desktop, tablets). Targets all Desktop and Android users.
  • Ecommerce web push notifications craft a web push campaign in minutes using Campaign Creator.
  • Understand customer behavior and use cart details to personalize your marketing.

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