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'All-in-One' growth solution for e-commerce brands specializing in SMS marketing, WhatsApp, Email marketing, and Push notifications.

Wigzo is one of the best marketing platforms for SMS, Push notifications, Email & WhatsApp that helps businesses improve their remarketing campaigns. Wigzo-integrated Ecommerce software keeps track of all customer activity in real time to personalize each customer interaction, resulting in increased engagement, retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. 

It allows marketers to discover, engage, convert, analyze, and retain the most profitable e-commerce customers.

Key Highlights

  • Personalize and automate Email campaigns, SMS campaigns, WhatsApp communication, and Push notifications.
  • Create customer segments based on geolocation, psychographics, products purchased, cart value, and purchase frequency.
  • Analyze all your e-commerce customers' data within a single dashboard. 
  • Wigzo integrated Ecommerce platform pushes more sales via digital channels.

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