B2B Ecommerce Platform India
B2B ecommerce Software solution for your
B2B & B2C customers order management
  • Your Brand Website
  • Your Brand Native Mobile App
  • API's for connecting with ERP or Account Software

Single solution to your B2B & B2C Ecommerce

Manage your B2C & B2B customers, orders and inventory on the same website.

Direct customers

Single website for B2B & Direct customers

Manage your B2B & direct customers, orders and inventory, etc on the same website.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Get your branded mobile app, completely synced with your website to scale and manage your e-commerce journey.



Use Shopaccino, b2b ecommerce software with API's to integrate existing software like: ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting Software, etc.

Offer different wholesale prices to your B2B customers

Multi-buy discount

Different Product Price

Define wholesale price of your product for your B2B customers.

Set wholesale MOQ

Set Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for your B2B customers on each product.

Multi-buy discount

Multi-buy discount

Set discounted wholesale prices based on different order quantity.

Offers Discounts

Set different offers and discounts to your B2B & B2C customers

Additional Discount

Additional Discount on Customer Account

Set additional discount (in percentage) to your regular customer on their account.

Extra discount

Extra discount on instant payments

Offer an extra discount to your B2B customers for prepaid or instant payments.

b2b ecommerce software

Manage product visibility to your B2B & B2C customers

Control Product Visibility

Enable product visibility to B2B only or All customers.

Country-wise product visibility

Display your product catalog as per the client's location (Currency wise).

Product filters

Create product filters to ease your customer in finding product they are looking for, filters can vary for each category.

Payment & Checkout Options

B2B Payment Options

B2B Payment Options

Enable Bank Transfer Payment only for B2B customers.

B2B checkout

B2B checkout

Set MOQ and amount for checkout