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Allow your website visitors to chat with you and ask questions, without using Messenger. Set up an automated response to keep your customers connected.

Facebook Chat Plugin is a tool that you can embed on your website to let visitors chat with you on your website. E-commerce businesses can use this feature to solve the queries of customers about pricing, products, or any other order-related query. Allow your customers to book appointments and provide them with seamless customer support through Facebook Chat App. 

Set up an automated response for Facebook chat integrated ecommerce software to keep your customers connected with your brand. Also, you can manage away hours to reduce any discrepancies and customer dissatisfaction. 

Key Highlights 

  • Enabling chat for everyone: Facebook chat integrated ecommerce platform helps people to chat with your business by logging in to Messenger or by beginning the chat as a guest user. 
  • Customizations for Chat Plugin: Customise and control your plugins, such as with greetings or color themes.
  • Chat history: The plugin on the website loads the chat history between the person and your business, where all recent chat interactions will be visible.

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