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Give your website visitors the experience of modern messaging they are used to, with a personalized, customizable, and user-friendly messenger.

Integrate Fresh Chat and Shopaccino store to unify messaging channels and personalize self-service on your website, in-app, and across digital messaging channels (WhatsApp, SMS, and more!). Simplify customer experience with no-code, easy-to-build chatbots that help you improve overall customer experience on your site. Respond faster with predefined replies for common questions.

Freshchat integrated ecommerce platform helps visitors to pick up the subject relevant to their query, and hear back from experts in your team who have been mapped to those topics. Install Freshchat on your Shopaccino store and create custom chat views to identify conversations that are mapped to a topic. 

Key Highlights

  • Context-driven bots that provide instant and precise answers 24*7
  • With unlimited contacts, your team won’t have to worry about deleting data with increasing website visitors or users.
  • Freshchat integrated Ecommerce software provides a priority inbox view that presents an ordered list of conversations for your team members to act on messages that need immediate attention. 
  • Get intel on who your visitors are, their navigation path, behavior on your site, and more to make conversations that resonate.

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