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Receive images, files from customers for personalized orders on your Shopaccino store. Upload prescription/medical reports/documents at the time of checkout.

Prescription upload at checkout integration allows customers to easily scan, upload and share documents or prescriptions on the website store using a smartphone or computer. Businesses can add a separate section or column(portal)  to allow customers to upload the prescription or required documents directly through the website for specific products to provide them with a seamless experience. 

Prescription Upload At Checkout allows businesses to ease the purchasing process for customers and allow them to directly make orders through your website. For example, a customer seeking to purchase their prescribed medicines through your online store can directly upload their prescription and get their order placed in minutes. 

Key Highlights

  • Businesses can define mandatory documents for products that must be uploaded 
  • Create a separate section to allow customers to upload prescriptions during checkout
  • Integrates seamlessly with Mobile Applications and Website
  • Allows your customer an option to either upload documents instantly through the portal or to upload documents later on WhatsApp. 

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