Instagram Site Verification

How to integrate Instagram -

1. Go to Instagram Developers Account -
2. Log in to your Instagram account.
3. Click on ”Register your application”.
4. If you don’t have a application registered already, you will now see a form to register a new one. If you instead see a list of ”clients”, click the ”Register new client” at the top right.
5. Set application name to your websites name and fill other information.
Note: Use this Redirect URL -
Don’t forget to press Enter key after wrinting Redirect URL.
6. Click on Register buton. You will find Client ID and Client Secret generated.
7. Click on Edit button in right hand side. Click on Security and untick Disable Implicit Oauth. Save it by clicking on Update Client.
8. Copy Client ID and paste it into Shopaccino account -
Shopaccino > Marketing > Site Verification / XML > Instagram Client ID
9. Click on Generate ID / Access Token button and click on Save button.
Your Instagram account will integrate succesfully.

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