Search / filter orders

Search Any Particular Order:

After placing order, customer wants to change the shipping address due to below reasons:
To search any order:

  1. Select Orders option from the left Menu
  2. Click on Filter Search Result
  3. Fill the details in the required search filters and click on search button.

Search any order based on below criteria:

  • Order No: Write the order no. to search the details of any order.
  • Date Range: Search any order received in any specific date range.
  • Payment Mode: Search the orders on the basis of mode by which payment has been received from the drop down menu.
  • Payment Status: Search order for which payment has been received or any order on which customer has raised a chargeback from the drop down menu.
  • Delivery Mode: Search any order depending on the mode by which order will be delivered to the customer from the drop down menu.
  • Delivery Status: Search any order which has been dispatched, delivered or cancelled due to any reason from the drop down menu.
  • Order Status: View all completed orders by selecting the status as Completed from the drop down menu.
  • First Name: Write the First Name of the customer to view all orders placed by any particular customer.
  • Mobile No: Search any order by writting the mobile no. of the customer.


You can also use one or multiple filters to search the orders as per your requirement.

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