Size Charts

Size charts are the measurements of a product in multiple sizes. If you are selling any product in multiple sizes, it’s very important to explain each and every size of your product in detail. Your customers can make a decision before buying any product. Different size charts can be displayed for different types of products.

Create Size Charts:

  1. Select “Products” option from the left Menu
  2. Click “Size Charts”
  3. Click “Add Size Chart”
  4. Fill below details

    Size Chart Details


    To display size chart with the products at your storefront, the merchant has to add the size chart on each and every product from the admin.
    • Title:
      Give a name to the size chart
    • Description:
      You can upload the image explaining various sizes of any product using rich text editor. You can also explain various sizes in written form.
    • Visibility:
      You can display the size chart at your storefront by making it “Visible” from the admin. If you select the status as “Hidden” then all the information related to this size chart will also hide and it will not be displayed at your storefront.
    • Click “Save” to create size chart at your store.
    • To delete any size chart, add a tickmark in the column near the “Size Chart Name” that is to be deleted and click on the "Delete Icon".

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