Product Details.

Product details help your customers to understand the product better. A brief explanation of all the fields for adding a product are given below:


Select the category in which you want the product to be displayed. A single product can be displayed in more than one categories. You can create categories


You can set visibility date for your product, when you want to display at your storefront. If your product is not ready to display at your storefront while you are adding product you can untick “Visibility”, it will only display in admin. If you want display your product on any particular date and time you can click on “Set Publish date and time icon” and select the date and time from the calender icon on which you want to make the product visible at your storefront.

Sort Order:

To display any product, sorting of products is very useful. You can mention the number on which a particular product is to be displayed. For eg. Out of 5 kurtis, kurti with floral print is to be displayed as a first product. You can mention 1 in sort order to display kurti with floral prints as a first product.


Write the name of the product that drives attention in your customers mind.


For quick and easy identificaton of products, you can mention name of the Vendor or Supplier. This is for admin purpose only and it will not be displayed at the storefront.


To give an idea, write a short description of the product.


Write a unique description about your product using Rich Text Editor to give a different look to the font and style in your description. Mention each and every detail about the product as it helps the customer to understand your product very easily and they can decide whether to buy the product or not. For example, if you are having an apparel e-commerce store - write description about the Fabric, Colour, Neckline, Sleeves, Hemline, etc.


Mention HSN code of the particular product to be added.

Product Code/SKU:

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and it can be read manually. Each product and its variant must have a unique SKU as it helps in taking accurate inventories in your business.


Enter a barcode for the product. This code has numbers but it is shown as few vertical lines and it can't be read manually. A barcode reader can read the barcode.

Track inventory:

You can track inventory of your products with their variants.


Click on ‘Upload Image’ icon and upload product image you want your customers to view at your store. After adding 4 images, click on "Add More Images" to add more images of a single product.


Use multiple product photographs in high resolution so that your customer can easily view your product from different angels

Video Code:

You can mention the video code in this column.

  • Open youtube video you want to Embed on your computer. Under the video, click Share, Click Embed, From the box that appears, copy the HTML code. Paste the code here



  • Selling Price:

    Mention the price you want to charge for your product.
  • Discount on Selling Price:

    If you want to offer any discount on this product you can enter the amount here.
  • Net Price:

    This is the final price that will be charged from the customer after offering discount if any.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

You can restrict the customer from buying less quantity by entering minimum order quantity for any particular product.


Tick the checkbox “This product is taxable” if you want to charge taxes on this product. Mention the tax rate in percentage to be charged on the product. You can include or exclude tax on your product price while managing global settings.


Variants means offering different sizes, material, etc. for any product. You can add variants while adding new product. You can add variants values for existing products.


If your product is having color options we recommend you to add all colors as a seperate product rather than creating color as a variant. Link all products using colour variant option.

Product Color Variant

If your products having multiple color option, you need to enable color variant option from store policies.


While adding product you need to define Color Name and select color code. You can link two or more color options using Color Variant

Size Chart:

You can create multiple Size Charts and select applicable size chart for product.



  • Weight:

    Enter the weight of the product if you want to calculate weight based shipping rates.
  • Estimated No. of days for shipment:

    Mention the number of days required for shipping a product.
  • Estimated no. of days for shipment in case OUT OF STOCK:

    Mention the number of days required for shipping a product which is currently out of stock.


Mention label on product as Popular or New to be displayed at your storefront. You can also create custom labels as per your requirement.


Search Tags:

While customer is searching with any keyword at your store, it will provide suggestion and results based on search tags that you define on product. You can create search tags and select while adding product.


Search Filters:

You can assign one or many filters from the drop down menu related to the particular product.


COD enable on product:

Tick this checkbox if COD payment option is available for this particular product.


Search Engine Friendly

Use the product name which is unique at your store and commonly known by people. It will help search engine to crawl and index your product in search list. To understand more click here



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